Who We Are

Nargis Nurulla-Khodzhaeva, Assistant Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University  

Nargis Nurulla-Khodzhaeva is an Assistant Professor at the Moscow State University's Institute of Asia and Africa and a visiting professor of philosophy and history at the Samarkand State University. Educated at the Tajik State University, Nargis proceeded to undertake her doctoral research on gender issues and subsequently contributed to the development of feminist theories in Tajikistan. This was followed by a move to Moscow, on a post-doctoral path, during which she expanded on her findings and published a monograph on Communities in Central Asia (2013). She continues to explore the above topics along with studies on Sufi philosophy and decolonization of borders. 

Lauren Woodard, Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University 

Lauren Woodard is a cultural anthropologist and Postdoctoral Associate at the MacMillan Center. Her research focuses on migration, race, and national identity along the Russia-China border. Based on 13 months of ethnographic fieldwork conducted among government officials and immigrants in Moscow and Vladivostok, her book project, Alike but not the Same, examines tensions between inclusion and exclusion in Russia’s migration policies.  

Malika Zekhni, PhD candidate at University of Cambridge

Malika Zekhni is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge, supported by the Cambridge International Trust. Her current doctoral research centres on questions of documenting subjecthood and mobility in Central Asia between Russian, British, and Qing empires during the turn of the nineteenth century. She is also a researcher at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies and a recipient of the Fox International Fellowship at Yale University. 

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